postheadericon Shopping Tips for Business Casual Clothes for Women

The first step to dressing right is to know your fabric. However, only a few can boast to have this knowledge. Thus, even if you choose the right color, cut and style for a women’s dress or women’s apparel, it can all go wrong if your selection of fabric is incorrect. Basically, there are two types of fabrics – natural and synthetic. While cotton, wool, silk, linen hemp and jute are natural fabrics, nylon, polyester, rayon and spandex and synthetic fabrics. Each of them have a distinct flow and require different care.

When shopping for business casual clothes, it is highly recommended that you buy skirts, shirts and pants made of less formal fabrics such as cotton and cotton blends. In fact, these are the top choices for casual clothing followed by linen. If you get all confused while shopping for business casual clothes, buy Elan International clothing and you can be sure of getting compliments from your colleagues when dressed in them for an informal business get together. This brand also stocks an excellent collection of women’s casual clothing and women’s dresses. Clothing women becomes simpler by shopping from this online fashion store.

Some important pointers that you need to keep in mind while browsing through a business women’s casual clothing collection are given below. For instance, whether you plan to buy a skirt or a pant, make sure that it is well tailored and does not wrinkle easily. Moreover, while opting for skirts, be extra careful about their lengths. A skirt meant to be worn to office on an informal occasion should be no shorter than knee length while standing and should cover the thighs while sitting down.


In addition to that, check the slits of the skirt. It should be there solely for the purpose of affording greater comfort while walking and climbing stairs. Similarly, do not go for low waist pants as such that are available in the women’s apparel section of various clothing women stores. In case you prefer pant suits, button up the shirt so that you do not draw unwarranted attention from your colleagues. The same holds true for skirt slits that are there only for showing off the legs of the wearer. While this could still work in an out an out casual setting, it is deemed inappropriate for a business wear. In case of both skirts and pants, make sure that they are neither too flowing nor too skin hugging.

Good tailoring and a smart fit are the keywords that you need to abide by in this case. To be completely safe, buy Elan International clothing designed for working women. This online fashion store is fast becoming a known name among fashionistas for its amazing women’s clothing range that includes women’s dresses as well. As for the accessories shopping for business casual clothes for women, opt for shoes in neutral colors such as black, white, brown or beige. As for other accessories like watches, hand bags and jewelry, anything will do as long as it’s clean, in good shape and not too flashy.

postheadericon Clothing For Plus Sized Women

There are most of people who think that finding clothing for plus sized women is quite difficult. In this converse finding really affordable dresses that are quite trendy and stylish is not that difficult, provided one knows what to search for.

Every woman has yearning to appear attractive and impressive in front of others. In the past it was really difficult to find fashionable clothing for obese women, but in the recent times it is not that tough to find most affordable plus size clothing for women. There are several trendy and affordable plus size clothing which can really turn out as indispensable element of all season collections.

Plus Size Clothing in the Past

There were time when it was very difficult for the over weighed women to find garments which would best fit them. It was difficult for them to select the clothing and apparel which would make them comfortable to wear. The only options available to them were stretched trousers with elastic cinctures and working suits which added more to their bulkiness. The other alternatives they had were plus sized T shirts. Some few years back it was difficult to select a decent plus size clothes. The clothing which were specially designed for plus sized women were highly priced. With limited variety and expensive garments most over weighed women were unable to obtain affordable plus size clothing. The major problem for obese women in those days was to find the dresses which fit them properly and most often were not fashionable. It was a grave situation for those who wanted to look trendy and fashionable.


Stylish Plus Size Clothing which are Affordable

In the recent times though, it is quite easy to find affordable plus size clothing from a wide range of varieties. Women clothing in plus sizes are readily available at most of the leading garment stores all over the world. Now, even over sized women can have comfortable feeling and also be delighted to try the current fashion trends. In addition to fashion and style statement, these plus size clothing are now available in prices that are readily affordable.

Now, the obese women can have choice of selecting from wide variety of women clothing which is made out of different kinds of fabrics, fashions and prints. One may find plus size clothing available in different print types such as floral deigns, stripes, polka dots, and much more. Besides selecting women clothing in different formals, there are wide ranges of plus sized informal and casual wears, working suits and even swimming costumes and various other fashionable garments.

In these days there are several online retailers that stock various trendy appeals for plus sized men and women. These online stores offer various trendy and fashionable plus size clothes, with clear indication of the sizes and enabling the shoppers to place their order for garment which might fit them well. The shoppers can refer to size charts on these web sites to find out their accurate body size. This would help them to select apparels which correspond with their height and size.

postheadericon Silver Rings For Women – A Step Away From Gold

Undoubtedly, the most prized possession of a woman is jewelry and clothes. While diamonds are known to be woman’s best friend, diamond rings are expensive. When women go for shopping, they usually opt for gold or silver rings. Now that gold has taken a toll, more buyers are moving towards silver as their priority. It looks expensive and good for everyone. With silver, one does not have to worry about their outfit. This is because silver jewelry complements every dress.

Silver rings are becoming common. Be it weddings or parties, plain silver rings are commonly seen. What makes silver rings a prime choice for women? They are not expensive. This means that they can be used roughly. If they are lost, you will not feel as upset as you will, when you lose your gold ring. Moreover, silver rings can be conveniently worn on engagements, if the couple cannot afford for gold or diamond rings.

Silver rings come in various designs. They have unique patterns and the buyer can choose either ready-made design or get it custom-made. The online retailer shops also give the buyers an upper hand. After selecting a ring from their catalogue, customer has to place an order and the retailer will deliver it to their place. The internet has maximized shopping experiences for both men and women.

The best thing about these silver rings is that they can be worn for every occasion. If you are going out with friends for a casual lunch, you can wear a simple ring band. These rings are available for casual and formal occasions as well. Silver rings are often confused with platinum rings. In fact, most buyers are using silver ring bands for embedding diamond stones.


As mentioned earlier, the online shops allow you to browse through their catalogue before buying the ring. They make sure that their catalogue is updated regularly. This is because buyers want to be updated with what is new and trendy in the market. Most women usually buy ready-made rings. However, a few women get their rings custom-made. You can also get a ring custom-made, if you don’t like their collection. All you have to do is to search in online and magazines for different designs. Once you have found the design of your taste, you can give it to the designer and ask him to make the same. They will add life to your design and you can wear your custom-made ring wherever you go. This is the best thing about tailor-made designs. You can choose any design of your choice and they will make it for you.

If you are planning to gift a silver ring to your beloved wife on your anniversary, you can visit an online store and select a ring from their catalogue. But, you have to be very careful with what you choose, because your wife should be happy with her ring. You can even ask her to join you and buy one for herself. After all, you don’t want to spoil your wife’s mood on your anniversary day.

postheadericon Casual Tops – Spring Sweaters For Women

No matter what your personal style is, casual tops and sweaters are a fashion essential we all must have at least one of, but probably a lot more than this! What’s great about sweaters and fashion tops is that they are flattering for just about every body type and can be used as layering during the cooler spring weather. Don’t be led to believe that once the snow is gone you should be packing away your sweaters and never looking back. Spring and summer require a certain type of sweater to help you stay warm on chilly nights. Although these sweaters are significantly lighter than your winter attire, sweaters are still a spring must have.

There is no end to the different styles of sweaters that you can get in women’s clothing online retailers today. Distressed sweaters are hot for this coming spring and they are perfect for casual wear ensembles and trends. Distressed means the sweater offers a slightly worn appearance and is made out of very thin and airy materials which are perfect for the warmer months of the year. This type of casual top can be matched with skirts for women as well as dresses for women and finish off the trend quite simply. This style of sweater is generally found in the form of cardigan and longer rather than shorter; perfect with leggings!

A beautiful sweater can add a lot of pizazz to your collection of casual wear. Designers like Elan International have created new and more creative versions of casual tops for spring 2011 such as the off the shoulder sweater. This is no casual top but instead a fashion top! This style of sweater can be worn with pants for women, skirts for women and your favourite shorts as well. Whether you are looking for stripes, solids, bold patterns and colors or neutral, Elan International has it for you through their online retailers. Asymmetrical sweaters are just as popular as the off the shoulder look and a lot more can be done with this casual top.


Fashion accessories for women such as unique belts can be used to create a slimmer appearance when wearing your favourite sweater. We all know that sweaters tend to be bulky and we lose our figures somewhere underneath all that material; a great belt snug to your waist can correct this problem. Whatever your style or taste may be, a well-designed sweater can do wonders to an out dated casual wear wardrobe. When you go into your closet this spring to check out what you have to wear for the new season, don’t be discouraged. We all have pieces of women’s clothing that are out dated or in need of some assistance. Whether you are into fashion accessories for women to update your casual top or skirts for women or you simply want a great spring sweater to create a new look, Elan International can help.

Sweaters have now evolved into chic sweater dresses for women that can be worn during the winter, spring and summer alike! A great sweater dress can be matched with your favourite pair of wedges or sandals and you instantly have a new look transferred from winter to spring! Fashion scarves can help you spice up the color if you are dealing with greys and blacks.

postheadericon Trendy Islamic Clothing for the Winter Season

As the earth continues its heavenly journey in a universe that is replete with constant motion and divine momentum, a new season has finally arrived in its bid to keep you gracefully preoccupied with the four seasons. If winter is here, can spring be far behind? Winter brings to you the very essence of seasonal charm with unique foods, fun and more importantly for some, fashion. Winter fashion styles tend to capture every culture both by choice and necessity and trendy Islamic clothing is certainly no exception.

Contemporary Muslim clothing, over the past decades, has gradually evolved into a modest and yet attractive representation of current mindsets. It continues to remain conservative and still serves its original purpose. However, the colors, hues, styling and fabric choices, only to name a few, have gracefully responded to general expectations. The way in which the Muslim apparel industry has recently responded to the need of the hour by launching fashionable Muslim clothing for the winter season, especially on online stores, is surely worth a second look. This is precisely why you can now find Islamic fashions easily and affordably featuring darker winter shades, heavier fabric, and Muslim clothing that is designed to provide ample protection. Let us take a closer look at what is out there for you this winter season.

Traditional Islamic women’s clothing without sacrificing style and elegance

The premise that the Muslim community lives only in warm and tropical climates is a myth. The community which resides in Europe and North America, for instance, not only experiences the joys of winter each year but also welcomes it since it is second nature to them. Muslim fashions for the summer months cease to take center stage until its turn arrives the following year and trendy Islamic clothing for the winter season takes its place. The wardrobe boasts a new and attractive look. What does it showcase?



It is not too late to invest in hijabs that have been elegantly crafted with heavier fabric and sober colors with darker shades. If you aren’t in the habit of wearing hijabs during the summer months, winter is, without doubt, a great time to set a trend for yourself. This clothing accessory is excellent for protection against chilly drifts during those times when the mercury takes a nose dive and temperatures plummet.


As long as you wear warm woolen clothing under your abaya, traditional abayas crafted with a dash of class and elegance in darker shades will provide you with the protection you have come to expect. If your abaya has a “summery” feel to it, chances are for sure that it may not provide you with the necessary shield against winter weather. If this is the case, perhaps it is time to visit our online store and order a few abayas that serve the purpose.


Like many other outfits that combine grace and sophistication in the broader context of Islamic fashions, jilbabs too have assumed a dual role on the fashion horizon– the decorative role and the protective role. If you are planning to replenish your wardrobe collection for the winter, invest in jilbabs that have been crafted in neutral colors and darker shades. Since they are usually made out of heavier material, complementing a jilbab with a full-sleeve sweater or cardigan is your answer for all your outdoor winter excursions.

Although protection and fashion are no longer mutually incompatible, maintaining a perfect balance without making a compromise is now possible thanks to the effortless availability of multitudes of designs and options for Islamic clothing on the Internet, a sphere to which we are happy to make an honest contribution.