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Smart, cozy, and chic sweaters are a must have in the wardrobe. The best thing about a sweater is that it flatters all body types be it a plus size body type or a slim one. Sweaters are the ruling fashion ensembles in the league of casual clothes for women. There is no end to the different styles of sweaters that you can get for women. There are simple woolen sweaters and then there are cashmere sweaters. There are ones that open up in the front and others that you pull over your head. What’s more, you can team up a sweater with anything in your wardrobe. Be it your short skirt, leggings or jeans. You can always don a sweater with √©lan and make your own signature style statement.

A woman’s winter wardrobe is hardly equipped for the season’s festivities without a fabulous sweater. A beautiful sweater can add a lot of pizzazz to your collection of casual wear. Designers have wrecked a pleasant havoc in the line of women’s casual apparel, especially in sweaters. Ranging from asymmetrical sweaters to belted sweater wraps and sleeveless sweaters these woolen garments can raise one’s style quotient up a few notches. Fashionistas across the global substratum exemplify how a stylish asymmetrical sweater wrap can rev up one’s entire look.

Try teaming a long sleeved ribbed front open sweater with black leggings and a white shirt. Or perhaps a striped sweater shrug with a short dress and boots would be more your style. Whatever may be your style or taste, a well designed sweater can add oodles of panache to your appearance. Ever wondered how did the concept of a sweater as a wardrobe piece evolve? You would be surprised to find out.


The sweater as a fashion ensemble in line of women’s casual clothes is a new kid in the block. Back in the 19th century, British fishermen wanted a garment that would keep them somewhat dry during work. Wools have the property of repelling water and keep the wearer warm even when they are wet. Since this discovery about the properties of wool, the wives of the fishermen improvised a form of sweater for their husbands. However, the credit for heralding the sweater into the domain of men and women’s casual clothes partly goes to the Earl of Cardigan, James Brudenell. The late Earl was known to favor woolen close fitting jackets after which the modern day sweater is modeled.

Sweaters have now evolved into chic sweater dresses that you can team up with a pair of black net stockings and long poncho cardigans that hang lightly on your shoulders. Not to forget the embroidered and multicolored boho style sweaters that can add a touch of careless glamour to your pair of blue jeans. Sequined, beaded, and tattooed sweaters could be a superb choice if you want to turn a few heads on the road. Posh or casual, loud or toned down, you could stock up your wardrobe with sweaters that suit your style.

postheadericon Formal Dress Suits For Women – Now a Necessity

The variation of the formal dress suits for women is actually patterned from the men’s suits. During the 19th century, women only wore a jacket and a tie over a skirt that was made of uncomfortable and sturdy kind of fabric than everyday dresses. Though it changed, the general style of formal dress suits for women still combines the style of the men’s tailoring simplicity with a more feminine look and taste.

The simplicity in women’s dress during the 19th century made the formal dress suits for women a very popular choice and every woman got one whether she is working or not. This was a very classic choice by that time and was always on sale. This type of suit was also commonly used during traveling or during an afternoon event or even in brisk walking.

This suit was stapled inside a woman wardrobe and during 1900’s, this type of attire came on its own. Even during the constraints happening during the 1930’s, the war made women work more but curtailed dressing events during the evening. Most of the people had no money to buy gowns or had any time to look into specialty stores like petite clothing stores. Even actresses wear formal dresses in the Oscars. After the war was over, the suit still continued to be the attire for women when going to towns and as the clothes we wear became less and less formal, the suits women wore have changed and have become rather uncommon nowadays.

However, a good formal suit is something a woman should have even in these times. These kinds of dresses are commonly seen during weddings, afternoon teas, religious services, or during luncheons. Gloves are worn and even those not blessed with height can be seen wearing hats and petite suits. Some women even wear handbag and shoes, corsage and jewelry to be formal. Others match their hat with a flower to add more style to their attire. Though not that necessary, it looks more appealing – like a Sunday’s formal dress. A formal dress suit is generally not considered appropriate for interview or office wear. Although these suits are distinct from evening dress suits, which may include sequins or rhinestones, they tend to have longer skirts and more detail in the jacket that render them separate from business wear. However, if your office is holding a function in a restaurant or hotel, that might be the perfect occasion for a formal dress suit.


A visit to a quality boutique is sometimes necessary to browse some of the best collections of formal dress suits for women, though you might need some shopping help. You may go to a preferred quality department store for different options because most stores that sell cocktail dresses for women or business suits also offer formal suit dresses for women. Preferably, you should cooperate with a knowledgeable person to help you find the perfect fit and style you need. Of course, don’t forget to try it on and see how you look on these dress suits!

postheadericon 10 Secrets for Women Leaders to Increase Visibility and Credibility

Being a leader must be one of the most rewarding careers you can ever do.  Not only is the work interesting and challenging, but you are impacting the direction of many people and the direction of your company.  You are able to see that you are making a difference in something very big.
In this report, you will learn key areas for women leaders to be aware of in order to achieve success inside organizations.  This condensed report provides general trends identified from research of women and men in the workplace.  As with any general trend, there are exceptions.  You may not align with some of the information provide, and you are invited to read with a curious mind to see what new ideas you might explore in your own development process.
Secret #1 — Build networks internally and externally
This is important for both men and women. 
This is one area that is a derailer for many mid-level management individuals who don’t take this seriously.  It is important to build networks internally to develop allies and externally to increase your value to the company.  You may think you don’t have time, but it can actually save you time when you need to call on that ally for support on a big project with a tight deadline.  The higher up you go in an organization, the more important it is for you to have strong networks.  At higher levels, the emphasis of work is done more through people and your ability to effectively influence and communicate with others. 
People with large networks can easily access and receive timely, useful information to help them accomplish their goals.  It is best to identify individuals where there is a mutually beneficial relationship based on common goals and interests.  Who are two or three people you need to develop a stronger relationship with?
Secret #2 — Sell yourself effectively, not aggressively
One of the things I see over and over again with women is how they undervalue their achievements and they believe that their good works will be obvious.  Or, they think: “this is easy and anyone with half a brain could do this.”   Many women do not see their key productive strengths and talents.  Women need to learn how to first see their strengths and second effectively sell themselves and how their specific accomplishments connect to the business drivers. 
Identify two or three of your key accomplishments.  What strengths and skills can you identify from these accomplishments?  See the full report for tips on how to identify your strengths and effectively sell yourself.
Secret #3 — Select a mentor within your company
This is a very important one!  Don’t wait on the company to institute a program or if there is one and you’re not part of it, then seek out individuals you value and begin to build a relationship.  This may be more critical for a woman’s success than it is for her male colleagues.  In a study of individuals who made it into the senior ranks of organizations, the authors of Breaking the Glass Ceiling found that only 38% of successful men had mentors, but all of the women executives had them.
A mentor can give you advice on what you need to do next in your career to move forward, how to get visibility and recognition, and how to play the game of your particular organization. You can do this informally without necessarily asking the person to be your mentor.  A mentor can encourage you to take more risks and be an advocate for you in those closed door meetings at the executive level.  Who is someone you respect and might be available as an informal mentor for you?  When and how will you approach this person?
Secret #4 — Ask for the stretch assignments
Women must often explicitly signal their interest and willingness to take on unusual or challenging assignments.  Otherwise, managers may assume they are not interested.  You can use the work you’ve done in Secret #2 to identify your key strengths and pitch your ‘qualifications’ or readiness to take on more challenging assignments. Women can get caught in a double bind of being seen as too ambitious.  So, you wouldn’t necessarily want to tell your boss you want her job.  But, it would be generally acceptable to voice your interest in taking on more responsibility and demonstrating your ability to do so.
You could volunteer for visible projects that require you to stretch and accomplish tasks you haven’t had the opportunity to do in the past.  Other ideas include: volunteer to speak on a program or at a conference, volunteer for a cross-departmental committee, go to company social events and talk with people you don’t know.  What action will you take in this area?
Secret #5 — Develop strong communication skills and mastery of your emotions
Developing strong communication skills, mastery of your emotions, and the ability to effectively handle conflict is another very important area for success.  Once you reach management level, your ability to effectively influence and relate to others is more important than your technical skills. 
There has been enough research out now on the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI), which is a current term for a person’s ability to manage their emotions and relate effectively to others.  In a 1990 study (by Hunter et al), 200 companies and organizations were examined.  It was found that top performers were 127% more productive than average performers.  The competency research indicated that about one-third of the difference was due to technical and cognitive (IQ) ability, while two-thirds was due to competence in the area of EI.  In top leadership, 4/5th of the difference was attributed to EI competence.  All this is to say that having EI competence is one of the most important determinants of your success, and especially so if you are in leadership.
Secret #6 –Learn the rules of the game of business and how to play for success

Business is still played by the rules of team sports.  The games we play as girls and boys influence how we ‘play’ at work.  Organizations are still strongly influenced by the male culture.  So, in order for women to be effective in this arena, they will need to visibly see the rules of the game and understand how to maneuver within that framework. 
Growing up, girls learn dependence and boys learn independence.  Competition is one of the key principles in the game of business where winning is all important.  Even if you grew up playing with boys, those experiences are minor in comparison to the influence of social norms.  Growing up, girls learn how to be competent interpersonally and develop and sustain relationships.  Boys, on the other hand, learn how to subordinate relationships to aggressiveness, competition, and winning.
Research shows that behaving like a man will backfire.  Women have a narrower band of acceptable behavior.  The one important piece to remember is that for most men, business is a game.  If you understand that it’s not personal, you will be able to choose your strategies and approaches wisely to your success.
Secret #7 — Know what it takes to successfully transition each leadership passage
In the book, The Leadership Pipeline, by Charam, Drotter & Noel, the authors identify six passages which require a different focus and attention to navigate successfully through the passage.  The six passages are 1) from Manage Self to Manage Others, 2) Manage Managers, 3) Functional Manager, 4) Business Manager, 5) Group Manager, 6) Enterprise Manager (CEO).  Not only is understanding this critical for your success in progressing upward, but it is vital for you to understand how to focus the development for those under your span of control.  The skills, time application, and work values are different for each passage and there are signs of possible derailment at each turn. For example, passage number 4 from Functional Manager to Business Manager requires an ability to deliver inspired communication, assemble a strong team, grasp how the company makes money, and develop strong leadership at multiple below you.
Secret #8 — Know and manage your image
You will want to manage how you are perceived.  Some questions to ask yourself are: How do people perceive you in your organization?  What kind of reputation have you established?  What image are you portraying through your dress? 
As a leader it is more important to be respected than liked.  You are called upon to make tough decisions that everyone will not necessarily like.  This is another difference in the male and female culture that can create tension.  As young girls we are taught to get along and being liked is important. 
A word about business attire.  Make sure your business attire is tasteful but does not draw more attention to your sexuality, such as tight skirts, sweaters, low cut blouses, or frilly clothing.  The way you dress determines the overall message you send.  If your makeup, hairstyle, or clothing stands out, then what you are saying in an important conversation will be secondary. The general rule of thumb to follow is to dress for the job you want, not the job you have.  Notice what successful women at the top of your organization are wearing and adapt to that style.  You can still have your own style, just remember the unspoken dress code is akin to the team uniform and is another ‘test’ of how well you fit into the team.
Secret #9 — Hire an experienced coach
Hire a coach who’s familiar with 360 tools and other personality and work style assessments so you get the vital objective feedback and how to use it into your development plan.
If you have never worked with a professional coach, you might consider doing a little research and contacting some experienced coaches for a sample coaching session.  Many coaches offer a free 45-minute coaching session so you get to know them and what to expect in the coaching process with them.  Working with an experienced coach can expedite your development and save you a lot of hard lessons.   
Secret #10 Know your long-term goals, maintain work/life balance, and support other women
Be clear about your long-term goals and how you will maintain the work/life balance that’s right for you.  If your goal is to reach the upper executive levels, then find out what commitment it will take, how it will impact your personal life, and what support systems you will need to put in place.  There are many ways to be in leadership and have a powerful impact.  You may decide that you enjoy being at a mid-level management position with the ability to influence many people and groups within the organization.  Or, if you are better suited to be a senior level individual contributor such as VP of Investor Relations, then go for that. 
It’s important for your own happiness and satisfaction in life that you identify your key productive skills, your long-term goals, and your personal quality of life to determine the best career path for you.
In a Catalyst study with interviews of executive women, women pointed out that you cannot have it all.  You have to decide the priorities for your life and make choices.  If you are married, it is important to have a supportive spouse.  Many women pay for hired help to support childcare, home maintenance, etc.  Women are so skilled at multi-tasking and handling many things for themselves and others in their lives that they often neglect to take care of themselves.  You will need to be proactive in doing things to take care of yourself.
Support other women who are coming up through the ranks to create networks of collective support for all women.  This is key to shifting the culture to be more in balance between masculine and feminine ways of approaching business.

postheadericon Buying the Tea Clothing For Girls the Best Fits Your Child

If you are in the market for a clothing apparel for your baby girl or your little lady toddlers, you can now find many clothing companies which specialty is designing and producing affordable and top-quality clothes for infants and young toddlers alike. Some of these companies have been around for years, and they have their own clothing line, which has already become a trademark when it comes to infants and toddlers clothing apparel. This article will focus on one of these children’s wear companies that have already established itself as one of the top brands when it comes to kid’s apparel. That clothing company is none other than the Tea Collection.

History of the Tea Collection Company:

The Tea Collection infants and toddlers clothing company was founded in 2002, in the city of San Francisco, in the United States, by the husband and wife tandem Leigh Rawdon and Emily Meyer, with a collection of just three pima cotton sweaters. The goal of the tea Collection company is to be able to design and create an infant and toddler clothing line that is affordable and inspired by a sense of art, derived from different regions of the world.

Tea Clothing for Girls’ Seasonal Collection:

The Tea Collection Company also employs the practice of releasing a seasonal collection of their Tea clothing for girls’ products. This is the main reason why the Tea Collection Company’s artisans and design team travel to the different corners of the world in search for an inspiration.

Tea Clothing for girls retail outlets:
Today, This Clothing for Girls products can be purchased from more than 500 stores in the United States and all over the world. Some of these top retail boutique stores includes Barney’s New York, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus and Takashiyama to name a few.


Global Company:
Tea Collection retail outlets can also be found in other countries besides the United States like the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Norway.

History of Tea Clothing for girls:
The practice of wearing this clothing for girls dates back from about 400 years ago, way back in the 18th century. The said practice was famous among the socialites of the United Kingdom usually observed while celebrating the tradition originated by the seventh Duchess of Bedford, Anna Maria Stanhope, which is called the “high tea” ceremony.

This clothing for girls is one of the most versatile and resourceful lines of clothing available in the market today. Simply, due to the reason that they are very easy to wear and the fact that they can be worn whatever the occasion may be. Many centuries ago, wearing the clothing for girls may only be regarded and identified with women of the high society and the summer season, but now, tea clothing for girls are made available for young ladies of different ages and for any time of the year, regardless of the season.

In a way, such clothing for girls’ gives young ladies a clothing fashion sense made up of a worldwide and universal style.

postheadericon Advice for Women – How to Dress More Feminine

The Art of Adding Femininity to Your Apparel

Now is the time to flaunt your femininity with fashion. Feminine is the word that keeps springing up to describe one of next year’s biggest fashion trends. A shapely silhouette, a collage of color and a hint of skin will soon replace yesterday’s borrowed look from the boys. However, you don’t have to wait to go fashion forward. Let’s now explore how to show your softer side through apparel.

It’s All About the Female Form

The secret lies in highlighting your distinctively feminine silhouette, instead of hiding it. Trading in shapeless styles or loose clothing for items that ever so slightly hug the body, does wonders to add delicacy to your appearance. As an example, consider this suggestion: Instead of slacks, slip into a skirt, and better yet, sharpen your style with a pencil skirt. This smart design streamlines the waist and hips, and then gently tapers down to or above the knee, as it pleasingly displays a woman’s unique curves and legs.

There’s also just something feminine about unexpectedly exposing a hint of skin, like the new chic pant styles that crop short to bare the ankle. For more fearlessly feminine ideas, select designs that feature slim straps, airy cutouts and daring slits.

As “fashion girls”, some of us enjoy a twist of frilly and frothy, while others prefer something a little more subtle or minimal. Regardless of your choice, when it comes to design for the fairer sex, you’ll certainly find your place in the fashion world with the flexibility of available options.

Colors, Prints and Textures that Set You Apart

The definition of femininity embraces the unique qualities of a woman, often alluding to those of tenderness and mystery, clinched within a playful ambience. Therefore, selecting pieces in delicate and fun fabrics like soft cotton, sheer chiffon and peek-a-boo lace will separate you from the guys.


In addition, colors and prints are the key to adding that feminine touch, but today’s selections extend well beyond shades of pink. From collections in sherbet hues and floral themes, to collages of bright neon prints, color will surge next season, capturing a refreshingly girlish or womanly palette. You can pair a vibrant blouse or sweater against the neutral backdrop of slacks or skirts in shades of white, gray and black, or go bold in color from top to bottom. As for the shade of black–never underestimate the power of the little black dress to unleash your femininity.

Complete Your Look with Pumps and Accessories

And finally for the ultra feminine look, highlight your neckline. According to research, a man pays much attention to a woman’s d√©colletage. A blouse, sweater or dress with a portrait or scoop neckline will certainly draw his eyes. You can add a glimmering crystal necklace or a delicate gold pennant to shimmer your look. As for shoes, pumps are the essence of femininity. Shapely, sexy and stylish, nothing defines the line between the sexes like a chic pair of pumps. All in all the woman’s touch to decorating with accessories entails using them to complement, not overpower, her outfit.

From fancy feminine to feminine minimalist, new creations are pushing the clothing industry to the fairer side. You will find an amazing selection of pieces on the market that flatter you, while making you feel totally female.